Action = Reaction Labs

Action = Reaction Labs is a Baltimore based start-up, focused on advancing the state of the art in animation and audio technology to video games, movies, and more. Our goal is not to produce next-gen technology, but to redefine what next-gen means. We are currently developing middleware SDKs for use on all major gaming platforms. See Licensing for more information about our offerings.

Company Details

BioReplicant Animation

Our BioReplicant technology is a true revolution in how computer animation works. Unlike traditional canned animation, BR based animations are fluid, natural, and interactive. The possibilities for games are endless -- sports, shooters, and even large scale RTS simulations are possible. It's efficient enough to run hundreds of characters on a desktop PC or game console. Working on a movie? Simulate tens of thousands at once.


Ghost Binaural Audio

Ghost brings true binaural sound to games and virtual 3D environments. This means that with Ghost enabled applications, the 3D virtual world extends beyond the edges of your field of view. You can hear everything around you in stunning detail -- all 360 degrees. You can hear things above your head. Something can breath right next to your ear and raise the hairs on your neck. It's a dimension of psychological immersion that you never even knew existed.


iPhone Games

What's the point of cool games technology if you're not ready to back it up with real, fun games? We're dedicated to proving our work "in the field", and we've chosen iOS as our platform for doing it. In fact, all of our technology is fully compatible with mobile systems. We're committed to demonstrating how flexible our middleware is, and just how fun it can be to play games enhanced by our innovations.